Zahara’s Tangled Web at the Cincinnati Halloween Masquerade

Strange forces were at work that night at the Masquerade. As the revelers enjoyed the party, mysterious shadow sirens weaved their way through the crowd, spinning and shimmying an invisible web of magic from the corners of the room, a trap that would ensnare this Halloween party in Zahara’s Tangled Web!

Zahara’s Tangled Web


Zahara’s Tangled Web performs Dark Fusion Belly Dance at a variety of events throughout the Tri-State area. These ladies are looking forward to entertaining the wonderful audience at this year’s Halloween Masquerade. Slinky and spooky… geeky and cheeky… you never know what’s about to happen when Zahara and her dancers take the stage!


The Cincinnati Halloween Masquerade is limited to 500 tickets,
so we recommend buying your tickets in advance HERE.

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