Steampunk Symposium Olympics: Day Three



A friendly game of mannerly ball-tossing entertained participants and audience members on Sunday. The Fireball Federation snagged first place. The QEXV came in second, with the Dodge City Airship placing third.

Iron Tailor

After a lot of stitching, scheming, and parading, the results for the Iron Tailor competition finally came in. Leading the tailors was Dodge City Airship. The Ren Fest players of QEXV showed their sewing chops, securing second place. Third place fell to the Cleveland Zeplin Union, who won an additional award for panache due to their tremendous efforts.

Writing Relay

The final stories turned out to be a humorous blend of literature, and all participants enjoyed themselves. The Mutineers won this year’s inaugural Olympic event.

Teapot Racing

One of the most popular events of the entire Symposium, the Incredible Teapot Races drew quite a crowd. There were many excellent teapots, and just as many talented pilots. The Mutineers pulled another win out of the pot, claiming the top prize for the race, and rapidly recruiting the winner of the design contest.

Tea Dueling

Many good cookies met their end, and much tea was drunk. The competition drew in the audience, who had to divide their attention between two tables. The new system helped the notoriously time-consuming event fit more or less into the proper time slot. If you’re noticing a pattern at this point, you probably won’t be surprised that the Mutineers claimed another win.

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